About Happy

Happy Menocal is a New York based painter and designer. She is known for her spirited illustration style and use of color.

About the studio

In 2009, Happy was asked by a friend to design her wedding stationery.

Happy had the idea to create a coat of arms for the couple: to take an ancient, aristocratic tradition and breathe new life into it. She kept the key medieval principles– fine detail, symbolism, and symmetry– but brought an easy wit and irreverence that better suits our moment.

The pieces we design today — be it wedding stationery, identity work for a retail brand, or a mural for a private home — are a form of portraiture, and require an intimate personal connection with their subject. Like the medieval artists before us, we develop long-lasting relationships with our patrons, and make work that evolves as individuals and families grow, so that it may endure for generations.

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Our Team

Happy Menocal
Creative Director
Sarah Anzai
Art Director & Master Calligrapher
Hillary Bissinger
Business Director
Katharine Barnwell
Fine Artist

Find us online

A collection of our work is available on Paperless Post.

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Special thanks to:

Lucy Cuneo for the photos of our wedding stationery, Colin Sussingham for the photo of the dollhouse, Emma Ressell for the photos of our studio, Ali Landorf for her help designing the dollhouse, and SDCO for bringing this website to life.


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